What is Biovento® Organic?

It is a 100% natural, nitrogen biofertilizer unique among all the options of organic fertilizers since Biovento® Organic is a of highly efficient microorganisms fixing atmospheric nitrogen and providing it immediately to the crops.

Farming Use

It provides 100% of nitrogen requirements for any crop and it can be applied in any crop production system.

Product Composition

Cyanobacteria (microalgae) of the Calothrix castelli genus, immobilized in a Humic acids Carrier with high moisture content.

Organic Certifications


Highly hydrosoluble solid
18.516 Kg. bags


Crop Quality

High Yield





Its action is based in the activity of a cyanobacteria consortium (microalgae) of the Calothrix castelli genus by fixing atmospheric nitrogen in soil in the form of ammonia, where it is absorbed by the active roots of the plants.

Biovento® Organic is a biofertilizer that does not pollute or degrade the farming quality of soils.

It is an OMRI-listed product (Organic Materials Review Institute) complying with the National Organic Program. This means that it can be used in organic programs for certified productions.

Biovento® Organic is available as a powder-like solid with a high content of moisture inside a metallic, white-color bag to avoid light exposure and keep the product fresh.

Net weight: 18.516 kg when packing.

El Biovento® Organic is a poduct for agricultural use composed of cyanobacteria immobilized in an organic carrier.

Guarantee: 1.4 x 108 CFU/g of product at the moment of packing.

El Biovento® Organic can be applied in all crops and the application doses for some of them are listed below:

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Drench application, Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation, Gravity irrigation



Biovento® Organic Application dose varies for each crop depending on the absorption curve of plants, soil analysis results and performance target desired: